The RDIVA group will be meeting on the 14th May 2015 at GuildHE / CREST meeting rooms in rooms in Woburn House, together with the technical EPrints experts from ULCC (Rory and Tim) and will be running the user requirements workshop. On the day each institutions will provide a 5 – 10 min presentation about the tools that they currently use, what has worked well, what hasn’t work and possible suggestions as to what could be done in the future to improve our researchers experience with the repository.  This will form the basis for the discussion that we will have as a group to provide a user requirements list and eventually to be developed by ULCC as an EPrints plugin. We’re planning on recording some of the discussions and of generating a kind of ‘FAQ’ from the event as well to inform the final report – more on this later here on the project blog. Information gleaned from these discussions will of course also inform the final consortia-based RDMS project report.

Alisa’s colleague Rhys Wait ( at GuildHE is helping with logistics for the workshop: do get in touch by 7th May at the latest if you are interested in participating in this meeting or would like a bit more information. Note that this information has already been circulated to the CREST Research Leads and their colleagues.