Staff and PhD students of CREST member institutions are invited to attend the symposium entitled ‘War, Terrorism and Trauma’, which will be led by the University of Chichester in collaboration with the University of Winchester and other CREST institutions on the 18th May 2017 in Woburn House (Crest HQ) London.

This symposium aims at exploring the issues of war, terrorism and trauma in contemporary life. It will bring different multi-disciplinary scholars, researchers and artists together to discuss and present their academic researches and artistic outputs. The symposium aims to explore the traumatic consequences of war and terrorism such as the ongoing European refugee issue, the war against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, and Syria’s resultant humanitarian crisis. The symposium will look to highlight how these impacts can be represented, presented and discussed in academia and art and how these two disciplines may help to offer certain solutions for those traumatised by the effects of war and terrorism.

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