Sir Paul Nurse has been tasked to undertake a review of the landscape of organisations that operate in research, development and innovation in the UK. The review is focussed on the relationships between organisations, as well as their scale, geographical location, and remit, and intends to compare the UK landscape with that which exists in other countries. The review sits alongside those being led by Adam Tickell on Research Bureaucracy, and Sir David Grant on the effectiveness of UK Research & innovation, providing BEIS with an overarching picture of the research ecosystem. 

In January, the review invited “reflections on the R&D landscape and the research-performing organisations within it” to supplement and inform discussions that are ongoing across the sector and amongst the ‘scoping’ and ‘sounding board’ members. GuildHE provided a response, highlighting the benefits of a diverse sector, the valuable role that smaller and specialist institutions play, and how that value could be better and more effectively realised within the UK research ecosystem.