Dr Helen Hanna from Leeds Trinity University has recently received an award of over £12,000 from the British Academy to run a two-day workshop on how to write for publication in English language journals in education and how to develop research funding proposals with UK collaborators.

She will be partnering with Dr Wei Shen from East China Normal University, experienced journal editor Professor Gary McCulloch (UCL Institute of Education) and research development expert Lachlan Smith, Director of Cloud Chamber.

The workshop will provide high-quality training to thirty early career researchers in China. This need for training has been identified by many academics working in China, especially given the requirement in Chinese institutions to share their research with an international audience and particularly in high ranking journals.

Dr Hanna shared, ‘It is crucial that research from across the world, including China, rather than mainly from the ‘Global North’, be shared widely in order to enhance our understanding of the most pressing issues in history of education, teacher education and international and comparative education. Running this two-day workshop event is the first step.’

It is hoped that the training will open up opportunities to collaborate on conference symposia, publications and research projects.

Visit the Leeds Trinity University website to read more about Dr Hanna’s research interests.