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Today GuildHE and CREST have published the third briefing in the ‘Diverse higher education and world-class systems’ series.

Download the briefing: SIP-Research_and_Innovation-FINAL-FINAL

‘Research & Innovation’ illustrates the excellent research and innovation activity which takes place within smaller and specialist institutions, provides varied examples of that activity through case studies, and highlights the impact it has on society, culture and economy in the UK and beyond.

The briefing builds on the evidence gathered in the GuildHE and CREST project, conducted with the OECD / LEED Programme, to examine the role of smaller and specialist HEIs in stimulating innovation and local economic growth. The report ‘Innovation Systems’ is available on the Issuu platform.

The ‘Diverse higher education and world-class systems’ briefings series will be compiled and augmented with further evidence and examples in a forthcoming publication from GuildHE, to be launched later this year.