Morning, Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Central London


Timed to follow the release of the UUK Open Access Co-ordination Group’s second monitoring report, this seminar will examine the report’s key recommendations and potential challenges of implementation for government, universities, publishers and the wider research community. It also follows HEFCE’s announcement of additional guidance on open research outputs in its initial decisions on the next Research Excellence Framework (REF).

There will be a keynote contribution from Professor Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sussex and Chair, Universities UK Open Access Co-ordination Group, discussing the findings and recommendations from the second monitoring report.

Delegates will discuss how open access can be applied consistently across all academic disciplines, and how such a move might be achieved. This will include discussion on the future role of repositories, the challenges associated with applying open access principles to humanities subjects and monographs and how best practice in this field can be shared across the sec

Additional sessions will look at international trends in open access, assessing the global progress that has been made, what models of delivery partners from both within and outside the EU have been adopted and where the UK is likely to figure in future discussions on this topic. Further discussion will focus on the development of an open access model that works for all, including determining the potential impact on universities of rolling out principles more broadly across the sector. The role of research funders and academic publishers in facilitating and expanding open access and that of technology that can be adopted to support staff into open access submission will also be discussed.

We expect attendees to include members of both Houses of Parliament, senior government officials involved in this area of public policy, together with university Vice-Chancellors and Pro-Vice-Chancellors for research and enterprise, academics, university research services staff, academic publishers and research funders.

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