A major new exhibition curated by UCA’s Head of Cultural Studies, Dr Jean Wainwright, has opened in Southampton.

The exhibition, Ship to Shore: Art and the Lure of the Sea, features work from a selection of famous artists including Isaac Julien, Yinka Shonibare and UCA alumna Tracey Emin.

“Ship to Shore is an exhibition in two parts – The first part is at The SeaCity Museum, which has seventeen international artists, and then the second half is at the John Hansard Gallery, which has four,” said Jean, who is an internationally recognized expert on the life and work of Andy Warhol.

“The idea for the exhibition emerged from my personal engagement with the sea – from being a child when my father was involved in shipping. I sailed many times from different ports, particularly Southampton.”

The exhibition, which runs until May 4, offers an intriguing mix of paintings, prints, photographs and films. It’s the first time Southampton, a hub for transatlantic travel, has had so many internationally recognised artists exhibit together on this theme.

UCA has supported a catalogue to accompany the exhibition. For more information visit the John Hansard Gallery website.