(Image – Making Futures – Kanghyo Lee – by Dom Moore)

The Making Futures series returns to Plymouth College of Art for a free public one-day symposium on the 6 June 2018 to explore contemporary art, craft and maker movements as ‘change agents’ within 21st-century society.

Poised between the last (2017) and forthcoming (2019) editions of the international Making Futures conference series, this one day event will to explore how we re-frame, re-imagine and reinvest in the socially progressive possibilities of a new emerging ‘aesthetics’ of production and consumption based on contemporary art, craft and neo-artisanal maker movements.

In doing so we will simultaneously reflect upon aspects of the 2017 agenda, while anticipating elements of the forthcoming 2019 programme, helped by our two invited keynote speakers:
Cameron Tonkinwise, Director of Design Studies, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. “De-Platforming Etsy and co.: Crafting Transitions out of Productivism”.

Marice Cumber, Director of the social enterprise ‘Accumulate’. “How an arts and social impact project impacts beyond its beneficiaries – the Accumulate project, how it works and who it impacts”.

We will also hear presentations from some of the 2017 Making Futures speakers under the themes ‘Production, Place, Meaning’ and ‘Making Social Worlds and Social Making’ that address issues of art, craft and making in support of ideas of citizen-centric localised regeneration, sustainability, and the health and resilience of communities more generally.

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