Troubling Research: Liminal Spaces, Methodological Challenges, Innovative Approaches

A one-day conference and a half-day workshop

Thursday 7th July and Friday 8th July, 2016 Newman University, Birmingham


The conference will be an opportunity for participants to explore, in a multi-disciplinary, cross-professional and exploratory environment:

  • ways of engaging with marginalised groups so that research into their/our experiences and life-worlds can be more inclusively and authentically designed, conducted, recorded and communicated
  • ways of representing – for example, aesthetically, affectively – research processes and knowledge so that necessary complexities, uncertainties, instability, disorder can find a place in educational research discourse
  • ways of crossing boundaries, stepping over thresholds, that often unhelpfully divide and separate the multiple epistemic and psychic spaces we inhabit in our professional and personal lives

The workshop will explore a range of approaches to research design, and the opportunities and challenges surrounding inquiries that draw on aesthetic and affective modalities in areas such as creative writing, dance, drama, media, music, the spoken word and the visual and plastic arts.

A second component of the workshop will involve examining the alignment of research methods – both traditional and innovative – to troubling, troubled and/or troublesome areas of social science research where issues of access, participation, voice and representation present specific challenges for credibility, authenticity and trustworthiness.

Participants: Colleagues from a range of disciplinary areas and professional fields, including, but not limited to, researchers and practitioners in arts development, education, healthcare, social work, youth work.

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