The Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training (CREST) has received funding as part of the JISC Research Data Spring initiative to develop A consortial approach to building an integrated RDM system – “small and specialist”. Working in partnership with Leeds Trinity University, the University for the Creative Arts, Arkivum and ULCC to the possibility of building a research data system that could, ultimately, be built and used by CREST Members, and simultaneously provides as a model for other small and / or specialist institutions with increasingly complex research data management requirements and limited resources. Stage 1 (April to July 2015) of the project will examine existing systems with the aim of drawing up a baseline of what institutions might need in order to capture, curated, store and protect research data, now and in the future. Case studies from partners will test the flexibility of the core system while also considering commercial and open source options and the potential to accommodate more complex data sets (e.g. for art and design outputs) within a federated system. The aim is to identify the components of, and ultimately design a core system that would allow institutions and their researchers to:

›          compete effectively for research funding;

›          comply with funders’ requirements;

›          develop effective RDM skills and best practice in partnership with researchers;

›          enhance discoverability of research data and ensure its longevity.

The initial stage of the project will result in a series of workshops, a toolkit comprised of three case studies, and a report reviewing policy drivers, institutional strategies, researcher awareness and best practice and a selection of responsive design options for a pilot shared service.

Click here to access the RDMS blog and to learn more about the various seminars and events informing the project.