One of the major issues – and, to date, successes – of this project has been the bringing together of a variety of partners, each with their own particular areas of expertise, to develop sustainable solutions for how to manage research data, now and in the future. Indeed, the project has both been described – in grander moments – as a ‘reverse Pangaea’ (in that the continents, in this instance, are moving together instead of apart) and an octopus, with many limbs producing technical innovations linked to institutional practice, all working to disseminate the project findings to a variety of audiences.

In this interview the CREST Project Lead, Dr Alisa Miller, former Senior Policy Advisor (Research & Innovation) and CREST Research Network Coordinator, and now Director of Research at Norwich University the Arts talks about how the project has evolved over the course of Stage 1, looking forward to further Stage 2 and (potentially) Stage 3 developments in the future.