Talk by human rights campaigner Aneeta Prem as part of the Enterprise Lecture Series.

Aneeta Prem is the founder and President of the Freedom Charity, which aims to raise awareness of and fight child abuse. A magistrate at some of the busiest courts in London, Aneeta is involved in the recruitment, training and mentoring of new magistrates. She also sits on the Police Misconduct Committee. Her work was brought to the public’s attention last year when she was instrumental in the rescue of three women from a house in South London who had been held in forced servitude for 30 years. At the GG2 Leadership Awards in November 2014, which celebrate the success of the British Asian community, she was awarded the Spirit in the Community Award for her work as an anti-slavery campaigner.

Aneeta, a black belt karate instructor, also campaigns against forced marriage; in 2014 she published a novel on this issue titled But it’s not fair. Written from the perspective of a young girl whose friend is in danger of becoming a victim of forced marriage, the novel is aimed at teenagers. The book draws on her extensive experience as a magistrate and supporting child victims of forced marriage through her work with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, government ministers, the police and victims of abuse.

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Event Start Date: 25 March 2015

Event End Date: 25 March 2015